What is Codepoly?

Codepoly is a network of idea and software developers. It connects the people who have brilliant ideas and the people who have brilliant skills. Ideas and skills. Codepoly tries to connect them.

Where is Codepoly?

We have no specific location or office. Everywhere we can think and imagine is our office as long as we can communicate. Working hours, salary, the boss are boring and out-of-date terms for us. In codepoly every member has a share on a project and earn what the project earns.

Mission, objectives?

  • Make "to actualize your ideas" easier.
  • Web is the world of amateurs not of corporates. Codepoly is place for amateurs to cooperate and produce.
  • Do what you want. You do not have to make so much money. If you are happy then no problem.
  • Be owner of your idea. Do not sell it to the strong. Object to monopoly.

What type of ideas, project?

  • Do something good.
  • Not always successful projects. Even most of them may fail. No problem, codepoly will let everyone try.
  • KISS: Idea and the resulting application should be so simple to be understandable by everyone.
  • Social web and connectedness.
  • Do not re-invent the wheel: Mashups, APIs, programmable web.
  • Do not direct users, let users direct you.
  • If it is not useful for yourself, then would not be for others.

Who can join Codepoly?

Everyone! E-mail us at join@codepoly.com , but please do not tell your idea, just tell about yourself. Why do you want to join codepoly? Are you a developer? Or you may have an idea? Or you may just be with us.

Privacy of ideas?

We do not let new members to tell about their ideas. First they join the community, join mail groups. See what's going on and how people are cooperating on projects. Then they may start their project and get support from codepoly.

Codepoly vs Venture?

Codepoly is not businessman who offers millions. If you want money in near future and think your project needs big capital then you should wear your suit and go to a venture. But if you just want start your own adventure with friends then codepoly community would be better choice.

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